Richard Roeper

Entertainment columnist

Richard Roeper, a Sun-Times contributor since 1987 and a Chicago native, is the author of seven books and the former co-host of “Ebert & Roeper and the Movies.” He is the film critic for ABC-7’s “Windy City Live.”

Rose Leslie and Theo James star in an HBO Max series light on romantic chemistry and heavy on the cringe.
Awake after a coma, former cheerleader tries to be popular with today’s teens in forgettable Netflix film.
With a skilled young newcomer as the telekinetic child and Zac Efron as her dad, reboot is a step up from awful 1984 version.
Claire Danes and Tom Hiddleston star in the story of a town convinced a water monster is doing the devil’s work.
No objection here if Netflix wants to provide a well-acted throwback series complete with likable anti-hero and colorful suspects
Documentary feels like a horror film as it outlines how Dr. Donald Cline inseminated patients with his own sperm, resulting in dozens of children.
Jessica Biel stars in Hulu series as the cheater and eventual killer, with Melanie Lynskey as her depressed victim, and both actors bring nuance to their roles.
The changes in tone work as a British officer (Colin Firth) uses a ridiculous plan to save thousands of lives.
Comic loads on the prosthetics to play eight roles in a profoundly unfunny series of sex and poop jokes.