Rick Telander

Sports columnist

Rick Telander is a sports columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Since 2021, college athletes have been allowed to make money off their name, image and likeness and to enter the transfer portal. In essence, college athletes can get rich and relocate yearly — just like the coaches always could.
Instead of using it for a new stadium complex, how about we give that lakefront land to citizens to enjoy?
The cicadas are coming, and these glorious insects fill me with wonder.
Déjà vu is a heck of a thing. Whether it’s 1970 or 2024, war weighs heavily on campuses — and on athletes.
It would be beyond shocking to this city if the Bears’ future had any other path than following Williams as a trailblazer.
We all love sports teams, but regular people don’t own the buildings or the land they frolic upon. We just pay homage to the teams — and to the power-laden who own them.
Has there ever been an athlete — I could almost say, has there ever been a man? — who rose to such a peak in life and then descended into such a valley?
Records come, records go. Clark is deserving of plaudits, but an explanation of the scoring record requires a deeper dive.
Iowa superstar’s three-point prowess provides us all with something to admire.