Roger Simon

He believes America loves him. Polls don’t scare him. Special prosecutors don’t give him the willies.
There are a lot of panicky men out there. And they are panicky because they know their doom may be only one tweet away.
Nobody should underestimate the chances of Roy Moore to win the Senate seat in Alabama as he performs on the stage of public opinion there.
Fallon had come from the milder world of “Saturday Night Live” and Colbert had come from the mean streets of cable TV.
In a different era, “playboys” were international jet-setters. Hef likes to stay at home.
We may not be the Greatest Generation, but the Children of the Sixties did more than do drugs and each other.
It is normal to look for the good in all people. Trump just makes it very difficult to find.
SIMON: Everything in America was treated like a performance. And Donald Trump was very good at performance.
ROGER SIMON: I don’t know many people who think Jeff Sessions will last out Trump’s first term.