Steve Huntley


Steve Huntley is a former editorial page editor and metropolitan editor of the Chicago Sun-Times.

Lawless barbarity is tearing apart cities across the nation.
Surely at some point, someone in Biden’s campaign will note the contrast of the Democrat holed up in his basement while Trump is out on the campaign trail.
Great entertainers probed the human condition and found enriching humor, not venom to torture other human beings.
The high and mighty in the mainstream media can see bias, slant and point of view in Fox News coverage but not in their own work.
<p>The vast majority of Muslims in Western countries are law-abiding, peace-loving, constructive citizens. Barack Obama, George W. Bush and others
<p>It is time to stop throwing good money after bad. That would be the $400 million American taxpayers send each year to the corrupt Palestinian
<p>After the Benghazi attack, I quoted George W. Bush saying that our security forces have to be right 100 percent of the time while the terrorists
<p>He’s back! Well, at least he’s talking like maybe he’s back. Mitt Romney threw the Republican 2016 presidential race into a frenzy of joy
<p>State of the Union messages are rarely memorable. President Barack Obama’s latest one was noteworthy only in its disregard of the political