Thomas Frisbie

Editorial Board Member
Power helped found the American Indian Center in Chicago.
Author of four books was a passionate reader and enjoyed travel, theater, music, cooking and gardening.
In 2002, Mr. Ryan passed up a possible third term as attorney general and ran for governor, losing to Democrat Rod Blagojevich.
A refugee from Latvia, he had respect for reporters and editors.
Her Fiery Clock Face bookstore in Andersonville was a gathering spot for bibliophiles and her annual New Year’s Eve party was an ‘A-list’ event.
He was an author at the forefront of a movement in which America claimed its identity through its ethnic writers.
Writer had ‘a crafty, mesmerizing style, a melange of the mundane and the magical.’
Among the longtime Chicago writer’s best-known works were ‘And You Give Me a Pain, Elaine,’ ‘And a Smart Kid Like You,’ ‘Would My Fortune Cookie Lie’ and ‘Cute is a Four Letter Word.’
Author won an award for a book about former Illinois Gov. Henry Horner and wrote a World War II book that was a selection by two book clubs.