Thomas Frisbie

Editorial Board Member
Much of his art, often completed at his studio in Antioch, was inspired by trips to ancient and natural sites in the United States and Canada.
Information he unearthed helped free innocent men in the 1983 killing of the 10-year-old Naperville girl. “I know there are at least three innocent men who owe their freedom and reputations to Randy,” attorney Gary Johnson said.
Power helped found the American Indian Center in Chicago.
Author of four books was a passionate reader and enjoyed travel, theater, music, cooking and gardening.
In 2002, Mr. Ryan passed up a possible third term as attorney general and ran for governor, losing to Democrat Rod Blagojevich.
A refugee from Latvia, he had respect for reporters and editors.
Her Fiery Clock Face bookstore in Andersonville was a gathering spot for bibliophiles and her annual New Year’s Eve party was an ‘A-list’ event.
He was an author at the forefront of a movement in which America claimed its identity through its ethnic writers.
Writer had ‘a crafty, mesmerizing style, a melange of the mundane and the magical.’