Tom McNamee

Former editoral page editor

Tom McNamee retired as Editorial Page editor in 2021 after four decades at the Sun-Times

In the summer of 1987, as Chicago was coming up on the fifth anniversary of the Tylenol murders, I interviewed Lewis at the federal penitentiary in Danbury, Connecticut.
Voters straggled in off half-empty streets into half-empty polling places that nonetheless weren’t always ready for business.
Bristo’s talent was in building bridges between the “abled” and the “disabled” by making us see there is no need for bridges at all. She died Sunday morning at age 66.
Even the most cursory examination of Alabama’s legislative and political record shows it to be at the bottom of the list of all 50 states when it comes to practical and compassionate regard for “precious human life.”
Here are our endorsements in local competitive primary races. You can <a
If the federal government fails to act, our economy will suffer and our children and grandchildren will inherit an irreparably damaged environment.
I am not one to argue gender superiority, ever. However, it’s hard to imagine any female leader engaging in this “mine is bigger” idiocy.
The Sun-Times goes back a long ways, but our DNA remains the same. It’s the DNA of Chicago.
What these people failed to do, however, was agree on language for a law that would actually increase school funding.