2022 Newsroom Diversity Report

A transparent look at the demographics of our reporting and editing teams.


An August 2019 Chicago Sun-Times Editorial Board meeting with Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot.

Rich Hein/Sun-Times

Last updated: February 28, 2022

Our news organization is committed to transparency and diversity, both in the way we structure our daily news report and in the staffing of our newsroom — realizing that we, like other newsrooms, need to improve our staffing to reflect the diversity of the region we cover. Comprehensive gender and race/ethnicity breakdowns of our editorial staff are included below. You also can read our disclosure about our news organization’s ownership here .

All newsroom staff


Our newsroom consists of 97 people total, including reporters, editors, editorial assistants and our leadership team. Of those 97 people, 67 are men (69%) and 30 are women (31%).

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Out of a total of 97 people working in our newsroom, 68 are white (70%); 14 people are Black (15%), 11 people are Hispanic (11%) and 4 people are Asian (4%).

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Demographics by Department

Our newsroom includes 11 editorial departments:

The Leadership team consists of our CEO, Editor-in-Chief, Chief Digital Strategist and our Director of Newsroom Culture and Community Engagement.

Editors include section editors as well as our Deputy Managing Editors, and directors of Audience Engagement and Metro News, a total of 15 employees.

The Editorial Board has four members, one of whom also serves as editor of the section.

We have seven Columnists on staff.

News, which includes reporters and editorial assistants, has a total of 16 employees.

Politics is a four-person team of reporters.

Sports, which includes reporters and some section editors, has a total of 10 employees.

The Watchdogs consist of four investigative reporters.

Audience refers to our five-person team of audience engagement specialists.

The Visual team has seven visual journalists, including one Photo Desk Editor and one Director of Digital Operations.

Breaking News is a group of six reporters who write for the Sun-Times and our wire service, CST Wire.

Production includes designers and page editors — a total of 12 employees.

Our three-person Digital Strategy team includes our Director of Digital Product Engineering, Senior Digital Analyst and Data Visualization Developer.

Roll your mouse over any of the pie charts below for more details about each department.

Gender across departments

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Race/Ethnicity across departments

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