Photo of a family Christmas dinner reminds us to stay safe — so we can be with each other again

It seemed so sad to see the grandparents isolated from their loved ones. But these were sensible adults.

SHARE Photo of a family Christmas dinner reminds us to stay safe — so we can be with each other again

Signs reminding people to wear masks and take other pandemic safety precautions are posted on a gate at a school in London on Jan. 3.


My nephew in Maryland just sent me a photo of a Christmas dinner in his home.In the left hand bottom corner of the photo, the edge of a large table is visible.That’s the table where my nephew, his wife and three children are sitting.

The camera is pointed toward a different adjoining room where my nephew’s father and mother sit having their Christmas meal.

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I felt a catch in my throat when I saw the photograph because it seemed so sad to see the grandparents isolated and separated from their loved ones.But these were sensible adults who planned this Christmas meal together and who were resolved to keep their distance in order to preserve everyone’s health.

Treating this virus as a life and death matter strengthens us to make courageous decisions in the present, so that future photographs and videos of family and friends once again frame the closeness denied in 2020.

Kathleen Melia, Niles

Teachers chose profession

Teachers are serving our children. They are no different from nurses, police officers, firefighters and postal workers. None of these professionals have thrown in the towel. They have stood in the deep waters they chose.

Teachers chose their profession. But the Chicago Teachers Union is as selfish as it comes. If they put the same energy into safely reopening schools that they have put into picketing for higher pay, our children would be back in the classroom.

Mark Wilkins Chicago, Bronzeville

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