Young men with guns were brought up to have no regard or love for others

They care nothing abut killing someone who just happens to be on the street when they’re shooting at somebody else.

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Chicago Police investigate a recent shooting on South Halsted Street.

Tyler LaRiviere/Sun-Times

News reports about last weekend’s violence in Chicago provided lots of information about children who were shot, about the easy access to guns, and about local officials who blamed this or that county or city agency for not doing more to end the violence.

What hasn’t been brought up is how the perpetrators of all this violence must have been raised. They have such hate for people who could be their own neighbors or relatives. They care nothing about killing someone who just happens to be on the street when they’re shooting at somebody else.

What’s happened to brotherly love?

J.L. Stern, Highland Park

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Richardson still has her career

The United States Olympic Committee’s zero-tolerance policy with respect to drugs became necessary when some athletes used drugs to give them an unfair competitive advantage. And drugs that are not performance-enhancers can be used to mask other drugs that are.

Sha’Carri Richardson, the sprinter, was not trying to improve her athletic performance when she used marijuana. She was drowning her sorrows after her biological mother died. But instead of feeling sorry for Richardson, we should congratulate the athlete who will take her place.

Richardson will be able to compete in other track meets, though for people in certain other professions, such as aviation, a single use of a drug can end a career.

This may cost the United States a gold medal or two, but the principle of following the rules is more important. 

Larry E. Nazimek, Logan Square

No-snitch rule ruins neighborhoods

Everyone is pointing to the next person, with everybody blaming each other for last weekend’s violence. It reminds me of the Three Stooges. But no one points to the people in the neighborhood who continue to honor a no-snitch rule. That’s were the problem lies. They have to step up. If there are no witnesses, there can be no arrest.

Edward Kurek, West Loop

Less blame, more game plan

Say what you want about former Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson, the fact is that he did a much better job of curbing violence in Chicago. Violence in the city is climbing as the current police superintendent, David Brown, focuses on pointing his finger at the courts. Brown should instead come up with a more effective strategy to quell crime.

John Livaich, Oak Lawn

Make holiday lakefront parking free

It is outrageous that the Chicago Park District charged a $30 for parking at our city’s “free and open” lakefront over the Fourth of July weekend, euphemistically calling it a “holiday rate. ” Maybe the real rate should be free.

It’s bad enough to have parking meters in the lakefront area in the first place, but charging $30 is highway robbery. It is a slap in the face to all who just want to enjoy the lakefront. The mayor and aldermen make a big show of concern for the plight of lower-income people, but they sure don’t demonstrate that concern in practice.

Mario Caruso, Lincoln Square

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