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On ‘Power Book IV: Force,’ filmed in Chicago, Tommy Egan is ‘a shell of a man’ but savvy enough to start over.
Some detractors blame radio, record companies and the artists themselves, and now YouTube is a target as well.
‘It’s Different In Chicago,’ scheduled for a Black Harvest Film Festival premiere, details how local music continues to be locked in an ongoing rivalry for respect at home and abroad.
The duo continues to create content — and turn heads — while one member is on the verge of finishing college in another state.
Magic Selfies owner Zhazha Casanova champions a “hustlers’ spirit,” and hopes it rubs off on her three daughters.
The “Chappelle’s Show” alum, coming to Chicago with the LIT AF Tour, continues to stay busy with an ever-growing list of acting and performance gigs.
The NBC show, which premieres Wednesday, makes the Michigan native one of the few real-life amputee series regular/lead actors on broadcast television.
Chi-hards may get resolution on the season-finale cliffhangers when NBC’s ‘One Chicago” shows return Wednesday.
Ja Rule is more recently known for playing a role in the ill-fated Fyre Festival, which spawned two documentaries.