The burning questions as ‘Chicago Fire,’ ‘P.D.’ and ‘Med’ begin new seasons

Chi-hards may get resolution on the season-finale cliffhangers when NBC’s ‘One Chicago” shows return Wednesday.

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The crew of Firehouse 51 on NBC’s hit series “Chicago Fire” looks on during a tense moment from season 9.


As “Chicago Fire, “Chicago P.D.,” and “Chicago Med,” return for their season premieres Wednesday, the “One Chicago” shows have season finale cliffhangers and cast changes to address.

Season 10 of “Fire,” season 9 of “P.D.” and season 7 of “Med” begin with personnel changes at Firehouse 51, love lives solidifying for some of the firefighters, a police sergeant backsliding into familiar habits, a doctor facing career-altering consequences, and the exits of two main characters.

Longtime fans, who are nicknamed “Chi-hards,” have a few questions of the trio of series:

  • How will “One Chicago” continue to adhere to the complaints of “copaganda” — portrayals of police who can do no wrong — amid social unrest and reform?
  • Will the shows have a backup plan regarding the delta variant after COVID-19 abruptly shut down filming last year?
  • How will the shows plan to stay relevant after being on the air for several seasons?

‘Chicago Fire’ Season 10

  • Will Firehouse 51’s “Squad” unit make it out of the submerged boat?
  • Does Chief Boden have second thoughts in regards to his possible promotion? How will the promotion affect Firehouse 51?
  • How will Stella and Kelly’s relationship progress after he proposed to her in the midst of a fire?
  • Will Firehouse 51 Capt. Matthew Casey and paramedic Sylvie Brett go forward with acting on their feelings?

‘Chicago P.D.’ Season 9

  • Will Officer Kim Burgess (Marina Squerciati) recover from her near-fatal injuries?
  • How will Officer Adam Ruzek step up in taking care of Burgess’ adopted daughter?
  • Where does Upton and Halstead’s relationship go from here?
  • Will Sgt. Hank Voight (Jason Beghe) continue to revert to his old ways and drag Detective Hailey Upton down with him in their cover-up for failing to adhere to proper police procedure?
  • Will Upton and Voight’s cover-up have explosive consequence for the unit?

One of the main storylines going into season 10 of “Chicago Fire” has to do with the health of Officer Kim Burgess (right), played by Marina Squerciati.


‘Chicago Med’ Season 7

  • How will “Med” adjust after Dr. Natalie Manning (Torrey DeVitto) and nurse April Sexton (Yaya DaCosta) left the show?
  • What is life like for Dr. Nick Halstead after he was fired?
  • Does Halstead come clean about why he lied about taking the trial medication?
  • Does Dr. Choi have any trauma after he was shot by a patient in the hospital parking lot?
  • Does Dr. Choi blame Dr. Archer, played by Steven Weber, for his shooting since they were arguing when it happened?

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