Francesca Gattuso

Editorial Board assistant

Francesca Gattuso is an Editorial Board assistant at the Chicago Sun-Times.

The changes to the much-hyped eatery are aimed at making more room during the lunch rush, which can be “congested” and “chaotic,” some said.
Advisory questions on the ballot includes measures about banning plastic straws and legalizing marijuana.
The tournament, which began Tuesday, kicks off several days of events, culminating with a Northerly Island concert featuring Chance the Rapper.
The Special Olympics 50th Anniversary Celebration in Chicago that will kick off on July 17 and run through July 21 is jam-packed with events.
An idea to hold a simple track-and-field event at Soldier Field sparked an athletic flame that continues to burn 50 years later.
Summertime in Chicago is the perfect time to get up and get active, and what better way to do that than by taking a ride.
Among the city’s most popular neighborhood festivals is the annual Taylor Street Festa Italiana in Chicago’s historic Little Italy neighborhood.
Chicago welcomes back Mamby on the Beach in June for the music festival’s fourth year of inviting Chicagoans to chill out beachside.
U.S. Rep. Dan Lipinski squeaked out a victory Tuesday against so-called “anti-Machine” Democratic primary challenger Marie Newman.