Robert Herguth

Watchdogs reporter

Robert Herguth is an investigative reporter at the Chicago Sun-Times, part of the Watchdogs team. He focuses on an array of subjects, including police corruption, organized crime and government accountability, as well as religion. He also helps oversee some digital and feature projects.

The school’s president says Mohammad Saleem isn’t violating a court order that bars him from being “at or in” the institution. He lives next door with a judge’s OK and attended a graduation ceremony at the mosque.
Bishop Ron Hicks’ office has blamed declining mass attendance and “budgetary issues” but refuses to divulge the financial impact of the decades-old priest sex abuse crisis on his decisions.
Sheila Jackson Lee, a congresswoman from Texas, visited Chicago to raise money for her failed effort to become Houston’s mayor. Her son Jason Lee is a top adviser to Mayor Brandon Johnson.
Johnson’s campaign fund held on to other questionable contributions. Sitting mayors are barred from accepting contributions from city contractors and city lobbyists.
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The campaign contributions are legal, but failed mayoral candidate Willie Wilson wants them banned in mayoral races, and 36th Ward Ald. Gilbert Villegas wants them limited.
The payout is in a lawsuit regarding the Rev. Richard McGrath, an Augustinian priest who ran Providence Catholic High School — and took the Fifth when asked about child pornography.
A campaign aide calls it an “oversight” and says $46,500 is being returned, agreeing that the ethics rule is “a sound and necessary policy to ensure a fair government.”
Harmon’s campaign funds have gotten nearly $2 million from a nursing home trade group. He’s supporting legislation that would provide millions in property tax relief for nursing homes in Cook County.