JB Blanchard

<p>PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – The Bears’ holdouts are liable to be stay-outs. Their teammates have heard that for the last week. “Hopefully, they’ll start accepting it next week,” general manager Jerry Vainisi said yesterday. </p>
<p>Rookie Tom Sanders, whom coach Mike Ditka has called a strong candidate for the No. 2 halfback job, is doubtful for the next two exhibition games because of a pulled hamstring.</p>
<p>PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – Bear coach Mike Ditka has pretty much made up his mind to carry three quarterbacks, but he wishes the NFL owners would encourage that piece of common sense.</p>
<p>Coming into his first season with the Chicago Bears, head coach John Fox has the fifth most regular season wins among active head coaches.</p>
<p>“We don’t have any appliances on our team,” said Tampa Bay Buccaneers spokesman John Gerdes apologetically. But others have been plugging in ever since the Bears’ massive William “The Refrigerator” Perry gained the public’s affections at 330 pounds. </p>
<p>PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – The talk is brave. Hardly a day goes by that<br />coach Mike Ditka doesn’t say the Bears can get along fine without Mike<br />Singletary and the other defensive holdouts, Todd Bell and Al Harris. </p>
<p>PLATTEVILLE, Wis. – One reason Bears president Michael McCaskey insists on not renegotiating contracts is to keep the team’s credibility with its fans. </p>
<p>Defensive tackle Dan Hampton plans to begin practicing next week for the first time since his off-season knee arthroscopy.</p>
<p>Following the 46-10 rout of the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX, Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka felt the Bears defense was not given the respect they deserved.</p>