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Now 80, Caryl Yasko restores iconic 1975 mural honoring Lemont quarries, stone-cutting past

After creating it nearly half a century ago, she came back to the southwest suburb for a third time to refresh the iconic mural.

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Humboldt Park murals might be the city’s oldest, but their messages remain relevant

Painted 50 years ago, they still reflect people’s hopes and struggles, heritage and resistance, particularly of the Puerto Rican community, mural expert Jeff W. Huebner writes.

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Chicago artist William Walker made a mark on the city and the nation, author writes

His public art has had a lasting impact, demonstrating that people have the power to use culture as a weapon in, as MLK put it, ‘the long and bitter, but beautiful, struggle for a new world,’ according to writer Jeff W. Huebner.