Madison Savedra

The works by artists Corey Pane and Chris Devins pay tribute to the Chicago rapper who died of an accidental drug overdose last December.
Some muralists are formally trained artists. Not Passero, who quit his advertising job after a health scare to create brightly colored murals in some of the city’s darkest places.
Hay 72 obras de arte público en 61 ubicaciones. Otras 13 estaciones tienen obras de arte temporales.
There are 72 works of public art at 61 locations, and another 13 stations have temporary artwork.
Jerry Rugg’s public art begs to be looked at. But the artist who goes by ‘birdO’ prefers anonymity, allowing himself to be photographed only in a bird helmet to hide his face.
‘They bring into the African American community that we are not just a people who are in a state of despair,’ the late Chicago artist’s daughter says.
Painted beneath the L tracks in Rogers Park, the 16 massive fingers are arranged to mimic an urban landscape of high-rises represented by the people of the city.