Nina Molina

A byproduct of the pandemic was residents’ renewed connection to nature. Check out these Chicago-area spots for your outdoor fix.
Chicago residents are taking their dogs adopted during the pandemic out on the town as restrictions ease.
The group said the passage of two bills — “For The People Act of 2021” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act of 2021” — would make it easier to register to vote and eliminate voter suppression tactics.
As of Thursday afternoon, the Derby has raised about $310,340 for Special Olympics Illinois.
The Secretary of State’s office also will expand remote renewal for eligible drivers.
The entire Vautravers Building will be moved about about 30 feet west and four feet south by the end of Tuesday.
Chicago residents suggested names for the two chicks and a panel of 10 made the final choice.
“We’re looking at a real justice issue here,” said Darryl Grant, 67, who has moved to another library due to the three-month elevator problem.
The team’s findings could help earthbound people with heart conditions, too, with organ transplants and stem cell regeneration of the heart.