Lake View

Charges were pending against a 45-year-old man later found behind the wheel of the bus.
Five-term Ald. Tom Tunney, chairman of the Zoning Committee, told the Sun-Times he plans to take time during the council’s August recess before deciding whether to call it quits — or even run for mayor.
Chicago Area Runners Association received $25,000 to fund free 5Ks and neighborhood running clubs formed in honor of Ahmaud Arbery.
The incident came after crowds filled the streets of Lake View following the Pride Parade Sunday evening — with three people shot and four people stabbed.
The woman, 24, swung a knife during a fight in the 1000 block of West Belmont Avenue Sunday night, police said.
“We must never forget those we’ve lost,” said Yoni Pizer, board chair for AIDS Garden Chicago.
With its ‘Everybody Marches, Nobody Watches,’ philosophy, the 60th Memorial Day parade of the Wellington-Oakdale Old Glory Marching Society felt especially festive this year, said organizer Mike Lufrano. “This is about community. It’s about coming together after a long winter,” he said.
Hordes of people have been lining up outside Dinkel’s since the owner announced the bakery would close April 30.
“No one lives forever,” Norman Dinkel said. “It’s a bittersweet time.”
The five-story facility at 3501 N. Halsted St. will expand services for LGBTQ patients.
Harriet Tubman Elementary had long been named for Swiss American biologist Louis Agassiz before it was changed last year to honor the Underground Railroad activist.
Owner Noboku Katsumura says she’ll close Dec. 12. The restaurant is renowned for the cuisine of its late chef Yoshi Katsumura, her husband, who trained with ‘Iron Chef’ Hiroyuki Sakai.
The city will need to remove trees to replace a water main that’s more than 100 years old. Rosemary Feit, who lives on the block and is seeking alternatives, said “Trees provide a vital and unquantifiable contribution to our neighborhood.”
The Chicago police say their marine unit recovered the U. of I. grad’s body from the river Friday night near the 1000 block of South Wells Street.
The family matriarch who helped operate Cooney’s Funeral Home was a lifelong DePaul basketball fan and was ‘walking till the day she died.’
The entire Vautravers Building will be moved about about 30 feet west and four feet south by the end of Tuesday.
“We’re looking at a real justice issue here,” said Darryl Grant, 67, who has moved to another library due to the three-month elevator problem.
The former Schlitz-tied tavern in Lake View couldn’t bounce back from the pandemic despite getting state and federal money.
The woman stabbed three people in separate attacks and threatened to shoot another. The attacks happened in Lake View, Edgewater and Uptown.
Paul Woebel was wearing the wig, which made it look like he had dreadlocks, when he attacked the victim with a blunt object — possibly a stick or a pipe — on May 14, prosecutors said.
“There will be time for more people to be vaccinated and for it to be a safer world,” parade coordinator Tim Frye said.