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Terminally ill or medically incapacitated prisoners can apply for early release. But the Illinois Prisoner Review Board has denied twice as many requests as it OK’d — and seven prisoners died months after their applications were rejected, an Injustice Watch / WBEZ investigation found.
As Wexford Health Sources’ contract expires, experts worry the state could continue paying big dollars for poor care.
For at least three years, a data error has caused chaos in the lives of people who were promised a clean record if they served probation.
He’s vowed to add 200 detectives, shut off ShotSpotter, expand crisis teams, create trauma centers and boost efforts against domestic violence.
In pleading for leniency Alex Banta said he took a job as a prison guard at 23 and had no idea how it would change him.
On Tuesday, the Illinois Supreme Court will hear oral arguments on the controversial law.
Rob Jeffreys has led the department since June 2019. Acting director named during search for replacement.
A coalition of activists, faith-based organizations and labor groups celebrates its success drafting candidates who won election to the newly formed Chicago police district councils.
The massive criminal justice bill that ends cash bail in Illinois also supports crime victims and increases police oversight.