Stephanie Mansour


Stephanie Mansour is a nationally recognized health and fitness expert. In her column, “Exercise Well,” she shows you her fitness tips.

Tight hips, tight shoulders and a slouched upper body are just a few results of this cold weather posture.
Traditional goal-setting often neglects understanding the reason why you want to reach a specific end result.
If you’re looking for a better digestion boost, you can incorporate the following yoga poses into your afternoon to help get things moving and reduce gas and bloating.
As a certified yoga instructor, I love detoxing yoga poses because not only are they great for your internal organs, but also they help improve mobility in the spine.
Having a clear sense of your goal will go a long way to helping you achieve it.
I’ve got a few quick strategies that you can implement over the holidays to keep you from overeating — or reaching for your fourth cookie of the day!
Detoxing, especially over the holidays, can help with weight management. And if you’re looking to burn calories quickly, you’ve found the right workout.
When you feel stressed, it can be beneficial to ground and center your body physically so that mentally you feel more stable and relaxed.
Today we’re focusing on a workout that will help improve your balance, strengthen your stabilizing muscles and tendons, and tone your muscles.