Steve Warmbir

COVID does not care about your best intentions. Or your risk assessments as you put on your amateur epidemiologist hat. Or your carefully laid out plans to “put family first” with a large gathering.
<p dir="ltr">Chicago Public Schools went ahead Friday with a request for proposals to reopen a school in Dyett High School in 2016 despite many
An admitted drug trafficker assumed the $15,000 he allegedly paid two lawyers more than 10 years ago was used in part to pay bribes to Ald. Ed Burke.
The City paid more than $100,000 in the last four years to a dozen people whose cars were towed and wrongly sold before the owners could claim them.
The city has ordered EAR to do criminal background checks on all of its towing subcontractors -- something the city never did before.
The city took his car “and did what they want with it.” That sounds a lot like car theft, one owner says.
In one case, the city demanded more than $1,000 for three parking tickets, and towing and storage fees, then took possession of the car.