Frank Main

Staff reporter

Frank Main began his newspaper career in 1987 in Tulsa, Oklahoma and worked in Louisiana and Kentucky, covering local politics and crime. He was on the ground for Hurricanes Andrew and Katrina, the Bosnia conflict, the first Gulf War and the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks in New York. In 2011, Main, another reporter and a photographer won the Pulitzer Prize for their stories in the Sun-Times about a ‘no-snitch code’ among Chicago’s victims of gun violence. For that project, Main spent six months embedded with homicide detectives. He’s a graduate of Emory University and Northwestern University’s graduate journalism program and teaches journalism at Loyola University.

El Chapo also faced federal drug charges in Chicago, but was ultimately was prosecuted in federal court in Brooklyn. Now his son will likely be arraigned at the Dirksen Federal Courthouse.
They say Valerie Gaytan should get five years for laundering drug money from her husband Margarito Flores and his twin brother Pedro Flores, Chicago cocaine kingpins who helped convict the Sinaloa cartel boss. Her sister-in-law got 3½ years.
Illinois Executive Inspector General Susan Haling says 177 state employees appear to have defrauded the federal Paycheck Protection Program designed to help struggling businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic.
A City Hall zoning hearing is set Tuesday for the store, called Baked. The proposed shop would replace a restaurant in a building that houses the legal aid center in East Garfield Park.
“I’ve never had an officer involved in the arrest and investigation of a client voluntarily testify they got the wrong guy,” Francisco Benitez’s lawyer said of former gang investigator Joe Sparks’ testimony.
Torrey Price retired from the Chicago Police Department on July 15 — about two weeks before he was indicted for fraud. Aaron Price, the other former cop who’s charged, retired in 2017.
Said Qreini was arrested in late July while boarding a plane for Turkey, authorities say.
Daniel Fair is among four Calumet District cops suspected of grabbing weapons without making arrests and filing bogus paperwork. He was indicted this week, accused of giving false information on a police report and in court testimony.