Polling Place: Should the sinking Bulls get into the Russell Westbrook business?

It might happen. What could go wrong?

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Los Angeles Lakers v Indiana Pacers

Russell Westbrook in one of his final games with the Lakers.

Photo by Andy Lyons/Getty Images

Russell Westbrook to the Bulls?

It might happen.

What could go wrong?

If the 34-year-old point guard separates from the Jazz via a buyout of his expiring $47.1 million contract, he’ll be looking to play somewhere. In this week’s “Polling Place,” your home for Sun-Times sports polls on Twitter, we wanted to know if Chicago — whose Bulls are, ahem, bad — is the right place.

“Likely more entertaining to watch on — and off — the court than what we’re getting right now,” @CalJestice commented.

“Yes,” @Midwestman21 offered, “because the team obviously needs to completely burn to the ground to get the front office to notice that it isn’t working.”

But more voters said no — as did a majority about baseball’s “ghost runner” rule, which puts a man on second base to start extra innings and has become a permanent deal.

“Get rid of it,” @bigcubstweets wrote, getting straight to the point.

Last, we asked: Which hoops squad is better built for March, Illinois or Northwestern?

On to the polls:

Poll No. 1: Should the Bulls acquire Russell Westbrook if they can?

Upshot: Again, what could go wrong? Probably everything, although, given the hopelessness of this team, it might be more like nothing. Or as @FatDudeRunning put it, “I was going to cite dysfunction, but he would fit in perfectly with this poorly constructed team, adding to the overall dysfunction.” It could be just crazy enough to (not) work.

Poll No. 2: What do you think of major league baseball’s extra-inning “ghost runner” rule?

Upshot: @KurtisArndt wishes the rule were “just implemented in the 13th inning instead of the 10th,” an interesting take. Alas, it’s water under the bridge now; there will be a runner on second in the 10th whether we like it or not. Kind of like a round of ice-cold beers at the ballpark costs $1.2 billion whether we like it or not.

Poll No. 3: Which college basketball team is a better bet to make some noise in March, Illinois or Northwestern?

Upshot: “Illinois is capable but inconsistent,” @DouglasVankleek wrote, “but Northwestern has shown it can win on the road.” It’s true — the Wildcats have been road warriors. But will their terrific chemistry and clutch ways add up to more in the Big Dance than all that Illini talent? The big stage awaits.

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