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The story behind Rahm Emanuel and his outdated phone

What’s one of the bigger takeaways from “Chicagoland” on CNN? It’s that Mayor Rahm Emanuel uses a flip phone. In 2014.

After that fun fact was revealed, the mocking on Twitter soon followed.

But why does the mayor of the third largest city in the U.S., which touts itself as a technology hub, use outdated technology?

Well, DNAinfo Chicago dialed up that flip phone and asked the burning question.

“Here’s the deal: If I’m talking on the phone and someone’s emailing, there’s a couple beeps alerting you to an email that you have to see right now, and that gets distracting,” he said. “I have to do emails and be on the phone at the same time. I’m finishing an email right now as we’re talking.

“I’ve got another phone, a smartphone. I’m probably the only mayor in the country to have Google’s Motorola iPhone.”

This isn’t the first time a clip of Rahm in “Chicagoland” has gotten some special attention. There was that time he was shirtless and standing up to neo-Nazis at a white power rally.

Via DNAInfo Chicago