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The Must List for Monday, June 9, 2014

Groups to file suit to stop project on Children’s Memorial site

Two Lincoln Park community groups plan to file a lawsuit Monday seeking to block a $350 million plan to transform Chicago’s premier development parcel: the six-acre site that once was home to Children’s Memorial Hospital.

Rauner ally’s church got Quinn anti-violence cash

Bruce Rauner has been citing Gov. Pat Quinn’s troubled $54.5 million anti-violence initiative as an example of “corruption and patronage” in Quinn’s administration — even though a church led by a Rauner ally got some of the state anti-violence cash.

Pol-turned-lobbyist breaks no laws, just trust

Former Congressman Jerry Costello, from Downstate Illinois, didn’t break any laws when he became a high-paid lobbyist for some of the businesses and special interest groups that asked for and generally received his help with their Capitol Hill agendas.

Changing marijuana laws lure investors to growing businesses

As state legislatures across the country peel back marijuana prohibitions, pot enthusiasts are rushing to stake their claim in the emerging business.

Watch Michelle Obama’s very personal tribute to Maya Angelou

First Lady Michelle Obama offered a very personal tribute at the Saturday memorial service for poet and author Maya Angelou, sharing the story of how her mother Marian Robinson — “who never cares about anything I do” — made sure her daughter paid her respects at the ceremony at Wake Forest University in Winson-Salem N.C. Mrs. Robinson told her daughter, “you’re going aren’t you?”


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