What's Willie Wilson thinking today?

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Former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson has been less than clear about his intentions for the upcoming runoff between Mayor Rahm Emanuel and challenger Jesus “Chuy” Garcia. | Michael Schmidt/Sun-Times

Here’s how political endorsements generally work: A politician says who they’re endorsing, signaling that’s the person they’re voting for — and who their supporters should also vote for.

Unless you’re former mayoral candidate Willie Wilson.

Wilson wants to have it both ways and at the same time, is sending out some mixed signals.

For example:

  • On Feb. 23, Wilson vowed to “wholeheartedly” endorse Jesus “Chuy” Garcia over Mayor Rahm Emanuel in the April 7 runoff.
  • Three days later, he retracted that endorsement, saying he’d consult with his supporters before making an endorsement.
  • On Sunday night, he told CBS 2’s Dana Koslov which candidate is getting his vote.
  • “I’ve been very clear,” Wilson said. “I’m going to vote for Garcia … my personal vote is for anybody except for this mayor,” Wilson said.

But …

He may endorse Emanuel — depending on what members of his community tell him — even though Wilson said he doesn’t “believe in the mayor’s ideas.”

Would such a move confuse his supporters?

“I think people are smarter than that,” Wilson told Koslov.

Here’s one way to follow Wilson’s logic:

Or could this be a future campaign slogan?

Others are giving credit where credit is due:

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