President Donald Trump Holds Rally In Montoursville, Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump tossed MAGA caps to supporters in Pennsylvania who for some reason want four more years of his run-on lies, cruelty and incompetence.

Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images

What’s wrong with Donald Trump? One sentence on the subject

President Donald Trump era’s run-on ramble of bigotry, cruelty and lies might come to a welcome full stop Tuesday.

From that ride down the escalator in Trump Tower to slur Mexican immigrants as rapists kicking off the winking bigotry of a campaign that steamrolled his mediocre Republican primary opponents as just so many wide-eyed fawns blinking in the headlights with a “build the wall!” bluster that amazingly worked thanks to a boost by the Russians and the disastrous last-minute intercession of the FBI director forever searing “but her emails!” as the catchphrase for irrelevant whataboutism immediately replaced by the cold nausea of his this-is-actually-happening Electoral College victory and the shocking realization that the history of America will now pass from George Washington to his orange mug under its bottle blond cotton candy hairdo staring out from presidential placemats forever mocking the brief flicker of hope that somehow the grave responsibility of being the most powerful man in the world might limit his bottomless narcissism only it didn’t from Day One when he bitterly complained the National Park Service undercounted the crowd at his inauguration which it didn’t this being the first fleck of an endless vomit of lies and lies and more lies spattering a path of slime on which he crept forward continually whining and carping in a rolling meltdown that would be embarrassing from a toddler with its shriek of me-me-me and woe-am-I forming the disgusting pus gleefully lapped up by millions of eternally credulous dupes who adore him thanks in part to the airtight symbiosis between himself and fawning Fox News ballyhooing what adviser Kelly Anne Conway called “alternate facts” and before the first week was out he denied people from seven Muslim majority countries entry to our nation beginning a war on refugees that tore children from their mothers’ arms to be caged then lost thanks to intentional policies cooked up by his resident stone cold hater Stephen Miller to make America rather than a beacon of hope instead a perpetrator of grotesque cruelty endorsed by a man who is “very proud” that a murderous North Korean dictator smiled at him then as if to prove he could sink lower he bowed and scraped before

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Vladimir Putin and ran down American intelligence agents not to forget his “very fine people” line equating torch-bearing Nazis with outraged Americans protesting entrenched racism his support for white nationalism being one of the few beliefs he actually holds tight to while the government shut down three times in 2018 each blunder deadpanned by a changing cast of mouthpieces from Sean Spicer to Sarah Sanders to Kayleigh McEnany who hit that sweet spot of flippant fabrication plus the entire cast of shameless bootlickers tossed over the side thanks to Robert Mueller and his 22-month investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election with Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and Roger Stone among the more than a dozen staffers and lackeys convicted or sent to jail with everything he doesn’t like “a hoax” and any publication not rolling at his feet like puppies “fake media” and The New York Times “a true enemy of the people” as he threw paper towel rolls at hurricane survivors and served McDonald’s to football players and golfed endlessly at his second-rate resorts before he tried to blackmail Ukraine into pretending it was investigating the Bidens and was impeached though sadly not convicted by craven GOP senators and if all that weren’t shame and nadir enough and for some it obviously wasn’t then COVID arrived for him to downplay and pretend calling it “the China virus” does anything as more than 230,000 Americans died and he contracted coronavirus himself setting up his Mussolini moment whipping off a mask on the White House balcony but not at all diminishing his willful blindness and attempt to avoid pending defeat by undercutting America’s election as he casts doubt on voting so that when he loses he can somehow try to undo his defeat as he races around the country packing his followers into infectious rallies and insulting the doctors and nurses fighting the pandemic by claiming they are lying about their COVID diagnoses to make money a typical false calumny that would ruin any other politician who hadn’t already ground down the American population with his perpetual geysering of vileness and depravity and lies . . .

Aren’t you desperate for this to stop? I sure am.

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