Neil Steinberg


Neil Steinberg is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

An updated 2023 political glossary as we are sucked into the presidential election vortex.
Trans people are portrayed as threatening by those who want someone to beat up,
In Copenhagen, bikes are an important part of urban transportation because of “infrastructure, infrastructure, infrastructure.” And attitude.
Words are important. A “base camp” is what Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay set up at the foot of Mount Everest before pushing for the summit. Base camps are where the rebels operate from in the Nicaraguan jungle.
Bigots like Elon Musk always point a finger at the victims of their baseless prejudices.
Respect for the Aged Day is Sept. 18 and goes against the currents of America’s youth-obsessed culture.
You can lessen the sting of losing a favorite vehicle by giving it to the Chicago Sun-Times Vehicle Donation Program.
Rich guys pay to plaster names over stuff all the time; maybe one will free us of a name we see too much already.
The “club” started with a couple of young professionals jumping into the lake at Montrose Harbor to start off their busy weekends. Hundreds, then thousands, of young folks started joining them. Then the Park District weighed in.