Neil Steinberg


Neil Steinberg is a columnist at the Chicago Sun-Times.

Give the mayor credit. The $30,000 he spent on his hair and makeup didn’t come from taxpayers. He used campaign funds. That’s something.
Cynthia Yeh, principal percussionist at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra, was both featured performer and muse for a new concerto that had its world premiere at Symphony Center.
Many Americans blithely accept letting the government tell them when to have a baby. Now if the topic were toothpaste, that might be different.
“They play on Fridays, they go to lunch on Wednesday, often bowl on Tuesdays, and sometimes go golfing on Thursday. That kind of structure and that kind of community that all of these guys have is gold,” says Greg Zerkis.
Pat Sajak, a Chicago native, bids “Wheel of Fortune” adieu after 8,000 episodes and 41 years.
Like frightened suburbanites, cicadas don’t get to the city as much as they should. So one family went in search of them.
What’s 34 felony convictions for paying hush money to a porn star compared with Trump’s previous transgressions?
How can anyone process the myriad realities that make up Chicago?
With trillions of red-eyed bugs here for a few weeks, furiously mating and laying the groundwork for the next generation, you have to wonder what humans are here for.