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The Sun-Times office is at 350 N. Orleans St. in downtown Chicago. | Brian Jackson/Sun-Times file photo

Brian Jackson/Sun-Times file photo

Attention college students: Apply for an internship at the Chicago Sun-Times

The Chicago Sun-Times offers newsroom internships to college students and recent college graduates in the news, photography, social media, features, sports and Homicide Watch departments. These opportunities are offered in the spring semester, over summer break and the fall semester.

Additionally, the Sun-Times offers a summer reporting internship reserved for a candidate who is a minority.


• Applicants must be a college junior, senior, graduate student or recent graduate.

• For reporting and photography internships, access to a car is preferred, but not required.

• In the event a candidate is selected for an unpaid internship, the candidate must provide a letter showing he or she is working for college credit.

How to apply:

• All application materials should be emailed to internships@suntimes.com. The applicant should receive an email acknowledging the materials have been received.

• In the subject line of the email, please tell us the target semester/season you are applying for, e.g. “Fall 2017 internship application” or “Spring 2018 internship application.”

• If you are applying specifically for the summer minority internship, please note that in the subject line. (Note: Unsuccessful candidates for the minority internship may be considered for other intern positions.)

• Application deadlines are:

-April 15 for the summer internship cycle

-June 15 for the fall internship cycle

-October 15 for the spring internship cycle

• In the body of the email, please write a brief cover letter explaining who you are, what college you attend, the department or departments for which you’d prefer to work and basic contact information.

• Provide us with at least five samples of your work, either by including links to it in the body of the email, directing us to a “portfolio site” and/or attaching samples as PDF or JPEG files.

• For reporting positions, please include a variety of samples, including breaking news, beat coverage and enterprise reporting.

• Include your resume as an attachment to the email.

Questions? Email internships@suntimes.com