Orit Peleg is in the process of an extended study into the mysteries of the meaning of the blinking of fireflies.
Strathmann — a defenseman from Beach Park — headlines this year’s list of draft prospects with Chicago connections, but River Forest-raised defenseman Paul Fischer isn’t far behind. From the Chicago Steel junior program, meanwhile, forward Jayden Perron headlines the list.
‘30 for 30’ bio traces his life as high school and UCLA phenom, activist, NBA pro and controversial commentator.
It takes stars to win in the NFL, and while the Bears have a long list of players with potential, they need to see some arrivals this season.
The Cubs and White Sox are co-stars in an irredeemable clunker. Who’s to blame? Everybody.
Adelmann will retire from his position as president and CEO of the urban conservation organization.
We also asked respondents to pick their career horse among a quartet of 25-and-under Cubs and White Sox players.
Executive vice president of basketball operations Arturas Karnisovas came from a Denver organization that stressed patience and tweaking with this current Nuggets core. Could he stick to that blueprint with the Bulls in hopes of a title run? Unfortunately, that’s a realistic scenario.
Sports betting evolved into a vocation for the 70-year-old Cokin, who made book in Rhode Island and bolted to Vegas in 1981.
There are lots of ways to bet on baseball. Let’s use the one that gives you a 50-50 chance of being right.
Murderous crows in the north suburbs, a smelt parade and party in Duluth, Minnesota, Illlinois’ spring turkey harvest and a Cooper’s hawk feeding are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
The Bears could take another baby step forward to five wins, a modest stride closer to .500 or even jostle for a playoff spot. That’s really up to Eberflus. It depends on Justin Fields, too, but that falls under Eberflus’ purview as well.
Hunkered at a clubhouse table with pen and paper, stroking his chin, the rookie looked as much like a retiree in a coffee shop as he did a lefty slugger with easy Sheffield Avenue power.
The pandemic bump in outdoor pursuits continues and will likely show up on a Memorial Day predicted to have nearly perfect weather.
Bedard’s exploding fame this past season made his junior team in Regina, Saskatchewan, one of the centers of the hockey universe. The enormous attention was both thrilling and overwhelming for team employees. “There was no playbook for this,” CEO Gord Pritchard said.
The NBA Draft is still a month away, but the speculation after No. 1 has already started. Does Brandon Miller go No. 2? Does Portland stay the course at No. 3 or trade the pick? What Bulls fans know is, as of now, there isn’t a lot to see.
A photo of a wood duck drake taking flight in Chicago, fun facts while going down a rabbit hole on boat-tailed grackles and an overview of the season for morel mushrooms this spring around Chicago are among the notes from around Chicago outdoors and beyond.
Let’s take a few moments to appreciate the varied hues that have made — and make — baseball the game we love.
Daughter of 16-time champ carving her own place in drag racing.
Oddsmakers expect the team to be improved, but not enough to move the betting needle much.
Just six years since retiring as a player, Brian Campbell has become one of the most influential people in the Hawks’ front office. He has found his niche in this role alongside Davidson, the Hawks’ young general manager.
If there’s any sign that points to the upheaval of an NFC North playing without Packers stars Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre for the first time since 1991, it’s this: The NFL sees a world in which America wants to watch, of all teams, the Lions. They’ll play on Saturday night, Monday night and twice on Thursday night.