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Fact-check: Pritzker’s latest sweeping tax claim falls flat

The data Pritzker’s team sent us came from two federal sources: the Bureau of Economic Analysis and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The figures for those states check out, but they don’t come close to telling the full story.

Fact-check: Democrat blowing smoke with claim of decreased teen marijuana use

Cassidy sent us an email promising an aide would "share the studies out of Colorado," but nothing arrived as of our deadline.

Fact-check: Downstate Republican wrong about wage hike costing 50,000 jobs

Data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, however, show Illinois added — rather than lost — roughly 48,000 jobs overall in 2007.

Fact-check: Congress hopeful’s paycheck claim bounces

Newman’s claim accurately reflects the single survey she is relying on, but it appears to be an outlier among similar polls.

Fact-check: Pritzker-allied group’s claim about other states’ income tax unfair

With nearly half of income-taxing states not charging higher rates to the wealthy, it’s clear the ad’s claim is off base.

Fact-check: Emanuel blows smoke about teen cigarette smoking in Chicago

Chicago is far from the nation’s leader in reducing teen smoking. At least nine other major school districts or counties came out ahead.

Fact-check: Downstate legislator all wet on Chicago bailout claim

Experts we spoke with summed up the claim as a "myth," "clearly not true," and "total nonsense."

Fact-check: Attack ad should lay off calling Pritzker’s plan a ‘jobs tax’

While there’s no official definition for a "jobs tax," it is clear Pritzker’s plan doesn’t contain one.

Fact-check: Easy to predict accuracy of Preckwinkle’s Grade 3-prison urban myth

It’s not true in Illinois and we could find no credible evidence that suggested it was true elsewhere.

Fact-check: Preckwinkle undersells track record of affordable-housing program

Preckwinkle criticized a city program aimed in part at increasing the supply of affordable housing in better-off neighborhoods that have high rents.

Fact-check: Providing oversight of Lightfoot’s record on police discipline

Lightfoot’s claim is accurate, but it does little to reinforce the portrait she is drawing of a reformer who improved police accountability.

Fact-check: Pritzker taxes truth in dismissing revenue alternatives

Now, Pritzker is the state’s chief executive — and the one painting tax policies in overly broad strokes.

Fact-check: Checking the resumes in mayor’s race

With a runoff for the top two vote-getters all but certain, we decided to revisit some of the questionable things candidates have been saying.

Fact-check: Truth in jeopardy in Mendoza’s claim blaming Daley for budget mess

Her claim that Daley somehow paved the way for the role Rauner played in the state’s protracted budget impasse lacks substance.

Fact-check: Preckwinkle misrepresents Mendoza’s death penalty stand

A few months ago we gave a <a

Fact-check: Gery Chico’s pop tax swipe at Susana Mendoza falls flat

The claim follows a well-worn partisan script in which a candidate blows out of proportion a minor piece of legislation an opponent once supported.

Fact-check: McCarthy’s claims on reining in city’s murder rate don’t ring true

In a recent TV ad, McCarthy invokes yet again his four-plus years at the helm of the Chicago Police Department.

Fact-check: Did Chico cut waste, taxes in less than 7 months at City Colleges?

City Colleges did cut its property tax levy under Chico. Still, the breaks he oversaw were so modest that it is doubtful Chicago homeowners noticed.

Fact-check: Preckwinkle inflates role in shedding light on Laquan McDonald case

Preckwinkle’s ad is partially accurate and leaves out important details, so we we rate it Half True.

Fact-check: Susana Mendoza goes off the rails with commuter tax claim

The problem with that sweeping generalization is that some U.S. cities with commuter taxes are thriving.

Fact-check: Mayoral candidate Paul Vallas claims CPS healthier under him

Having a proven track record as a school fix-it specialist could be a big plus for Vallas. But how valid are his claims? We decided to take a look.

Fact-check: Did police shootings plunge under McCarthy’s leadership?

Garry McCarthy claims a dramatic reduction in officer-involved shootings when he was head of CPD. He stretches the facts by claiming total credit.

Fact-check: What’s missing from Daley’s pledge to freeze property taxes

The Daley ad fails to make clear is that he is only promising to freeze a portion of the various property tax levies that make up a typical bill.

Fact-check: Gov’s claim that Dems solely caused budget crisis woefully lacking

Republican governors — in charge of Illinois from 1977-2003, also had a big role in putting the state in a financial quagmire.

Fact-check: Lightfoot taxes facts with claim Chicagoans among most taxed in U.S.

It’s common practice for office seekers to complain with a broad brush about tax burdens. But such sweeping statements often oversimplify the issue.

Fact-check: Mendoza off in claim of last-minute reprieve for death penalty ban

Even with Mendoza’s support, however, the initial House vote on the measure was 59 to 58, one short of the 60-vote majority needed for passage.

Fact-check: Peeling back Vallas’ swipe at Mendoza’s city sticker record

A Vallas spokesman followed up later to explain the statement his candidate had characterized as "pretty clear" needed some clarification.

Fact-check: What we’re watching as Chicago mayor’s race heats up

The issues that have defined the contest so far, including gun violence, pension debt and public education, will remain important throughout the race.

Fact-check: Pritzker and Rauner both fact-challenged candidates for governor

We decided to recap some of our fact-checks over the past many months in the marquee race on the Illinois ballot.

Fact-check: Sean Casten tax claim taxed by facts

Casten also leveled a claim that left us puzzled. It involved the tax law, which Roskam accused the Democrat of misrepresenting.

Fact-check: Roskam fibs about facts – and fact checks – of health care record

Did fact checkers at the Washington Post indeed side with Roskam? And has Roskam always championed those pre-existing protections, as he claimed? The short answer is "no." No such fact check exists.

Fact-check: AG Jeff Sessions wrong on Chicago murder spike cause

The attorney general again blames a 2016 surge in gun-related murders on an agreement between the city and the ACLU to rein in police stops. But other