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Rauner says Rahm's pension legislation not 'true pension reform'

SPRINGFIELD — Republican Bruce Rauner Monday slammed Mayor Rahm Emanuel’s city pension plan now before the Illinois House, calling it a partial solution that doesn’t address “true pension reform” in Chicago.

Rauner joined Gov. Pat Quinn and Republicans, including House Minority Leader Jim Durkin, R-Western Springs, in criticizing the mayor’s plan because it would impose new property taxes on Chicago homeowners.


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Rauner’s beef with the plan also extends beyond that. He favors imposing a 401(k)-style program into which existing city workers would transition and from which all future retirement benefits would come.

“Bruce has always maintained that true pension reform requires moving toward a defined contribution style system and believes that should also be part of the solution for Chicago,” Rauner spokesman Mike Schrimpf said Monday.

“Bruce believes that increasing property taxes isn’t the solution to Chicago’s pension problems,” Schrimpf said.

After the plan stalled last week, the House adjourned Monday without taking any action on the mayor’s legislation.