Obama, GOP get hammered on border crisis in poll

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There’s widespread disapproval of both the GOP and President Barack Obama’s handling of the border crisis, a new Washington Post-ABC poll shows.

The poll shows that 58 percent of those polled disapprove of how Obama has dealt with the tens of thousands of unaccompanied minors overwhelming Border Patrol stations. And 54 percent of Latinos, who had overwhelmingly supported his re-election bid two years ago, also give him a negative mark.

Republicans fare even worse, with 66 percent disapproving of how that party has handled the job. The disapproval rating is consistent across all ages, ranging from 63 to 69 pecent.

Pope Francis has also weighed in on the issue, saying migrants from around the world have been subjected to “racist and xenophobic attitudes” and says the children crossing the border should be “welcomed and protected.”

Pope Francis says migrants around the world are subjected to “racist and xenophobic attitudes” and he wants the tens of thousands of Central American children crossing the border into the United States to be “welcomed and protected.”

Many people forced to emigrate suffer, and often, die tragically, Francis said, according to a Vatican Radio translation. Many of their rights are violated. They are obliged to separate from their families and, unfortunately, continue to be the subject of racist and xenophobic attitudes.

But this isn’t the only poll that is casting a severely negative light on Republicans.

A new survey released by Public Policy Polling shows that a majority of Americans say John Boehner’s lawsuit against Obama is a wasteful stunt.

Of those polled, 51 percent said it’s a political stunt, and in a separate question, 56 percent said it’s a waste of taxpayer money. Additionally, 58 percent said the lawsuit will not result in an improvement in the lives of people like them.

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