Woman in Kansas City loses it over how ‘handsome’ Obama is

SHARE Woman in Kansas City loses it over how ‘handsome’ Obama is

He may look a bit older with his salt and pepper hair, but President Barack Obama can still throw the ladies into a frenzy.

During a stop at Arthur Bryant’s Barbeque in Kansas City where he was meeting with four people who wrote him letters, one woman could barely contain herself.

From the pool report:

A woman with blonde hair and glasses rose to shake his hand from another table. He’s so handsome, oh my God! she exclaimed. I’m paying for her food, he said after hugging her. You’re so handsome, she continued. The First Lady is so lucky. She became choked up as she shook his hand a final time…

Here’s a closer look at the moment, where she does her best impression of a teenage girl at a One Direction concert:

h/t: Mediaite

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