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What's on the menu at senator's $1,000-a-head fundraiser? Fast food

What the secret to a successful political fundraiser? Squeezing out as much of a profit margin as you can.

And it looks like Sen. David Vitter, R-Louisiana, has managed to do that while also supporting a business with deep Louisiana roots.

A fundraiser Wednesday night, which costs $1,000 to attend, will be catered by Popeyes.

While catering prices vary from region to region and restaurant to restaurant, a package that serves 100 averages $440. That’s nearly a $996 return on every meal.

The Washington Post did some more number crunching, and even if individual meals were bought without any bulk discounts, the $1,000-a-head price still is eye-popping.

The manager that we spoke with gave us costs for some of the most popular items: $6.41 for the two-piece meal; $7.06 for the chicken tenders. She pitched the onion rings, which not all stores have and not all make fresh daily (small, $2; large, $3.80). She ran through the available sides: gravy on potatoes, Cajun rice, corn, green beans — all $1.95, unless you get the meal.

For a little comparison, Gov. Bruce Rauner’s recent inauguration dinner also cost $1,000 a plate.

But the food wasn’t something you could get from a drive-thru.