The Interrogation Room: A chat with Bulls All-Star DeMar DeRozan

It was time to turn on the bright light and find out how DeRozan feels about topics ranging from Kobe vs. Michael and LeBron to one of his daughters wanting to go to UCLA, his rival school.

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The Los Angeles Lakers’ Kobe Bryant, left, dribbles the ball as he is defended by the Toronto Raptors’ DeMar DeRozan, right, during a 2013 game.

If a game-winning shot it needed, DeMar DeRozan said he would have always gone with Kobe Bryant.

Danny Moloshok/AP

Growing up in Compton, few rep Los Angeles harder than DeMar DeRozan.

That includes its basketball legends.

In DeRozan’s world it’s everything Kobe Bryant and then the rest can go stand in line. “Air,’’ Bron, Shaq, doesn’t matter. Bryant was DeRozan’s sensei, from teaching him to understand the importance of the mid-range game to an offseason training program that would make most NBA players puke.

That’s why DeRozan was such a good guest in the latest “Interrogation Room.’’ The veteran wasn’t worried about how his takes would be received, but at the same time he was well thought out in how he wanted to respond.

So turn on the bright light and pour a cup of day-old coffee, as the Bulls’ best player this season pulls up a chair in the “Interrogation Room.’’

Joe Cowley: “OK, you good?’’

DeMar DeRozan: “Always.’’

JC: “Alright, most underrated player in the NBA right now?’’

DD: “Wow, that’s a great one … most underrated … most underrated from my opinion and one of my favorite players to watch I would say is Jrue Holiday, yeah, Jrue Holiday.’’

JC: “Best logo in the NBA, and you can’t pick Bulls.’’

DD: “Toronto.’’

JC: “Best uniform in the NBA … it can be any from any era?’’

DD: “OK, this is a surprise one, but I like the old school, and this will probably sound crazy, but the San Antonio … the white ones. I like those.’’

JC: “Best coach not named Billy Donovan that you played for? It can be at any level, high school, college …?’’

DD: “Easy … Pop [Spurs coach Gregg Popovich].’’

JC: “One coach you wish you could have played for at any level?’’

DD: “Phil Jackson.’’

JC: “You’ve had your share of dust-ups in your career, out of these three guys which one that you had to be separated from was actually a fight you would have welcomed?Was it [Mo] Wagner, [Enes] Kanter or [Goran] Dragic?’’

DD: “Kanter.’’

JC: “Details?’’

DD: “None needed … it was obvious.’’

JC: “Best player you know, whether it was on the playgrounds, college, high school, that didn’t make the NBA?’’

DD: “Ohhhh, best player … there was a guy named David Hamilton that went to my high school. He was older than me … David Hamilton. He was kind of like the neighborhood hero that went to Compton High.’’

JC: “Put in order these three guys to take the game-winning shot in a Game 7: MJ [Michael Jordan], Kobe, Bron [LeBron James]?’’

DD: “Kobe, then MJ, Bron.’’

JC: “Wow, really?’’

DD: “Yep, Kobe one.’’

JC: “OK, who did more as far as putting Compton rap on the map? Cube, Dre, Eazy, Ren or Yella?’’

DD: “There wouldn’t be none of them if it wasn’t for Eazy. Gotta say Eazy.’’

JC: “I know how much USC means to you … one of your daughters comes up to you and tells you she wants to play for UCLA, what do you say?’’

DD: “Ohhh, ohhh, [laughs]. I’m going to give her a week notice to re-evaluate and see if that’s for sure what she wants to do. And she has to give me the pros and cons of it. Then we’ll have to weigh it out together.’’

JC: “Team plane goes down on a deserted island — and we have to keep it players only since Zach [LaVine] said a few years ago that the first person eaten would be [broadcaster] Stacey King — survival at its finest, who is the first player on the team eaten and who is the lone survivor?’’

DD: “Wait, so we’re stuck on an island, food is obviously limited, who is the last survivor?’’

JC: “Who is first eaten, because somebody is getting eaten, and then who is last survivor?”

DD: “First person eaten? Tony Bradley [then lets out an evil laugh].’’

JC: “Sounds like there’s a story there.’’

DD: “Someday.’’

JC: “And who is last survivor?’’

DD: “Me.’’

JC: “Why?’’

DD: “Cause I’ve been on that deserted island [more laughing].’’

JC: “I think I know what that means, and I like it!’’

DD: “Yep [More laughing].’’

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