Clutch Cube Clip: Prairie Ridge’s Samson Evans with an incredible run

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Samson Evans may have made one of the best runs of the year. Evans managed to break multiple tackles that ultimately led to a spectacular dive into the end zone. There have been many runs like Evans’ run but the way he manages to dodge and weave through traffic looks as if it were second nature to him. Samson was as calm and cool as a cool winter breeze and to think that this 6-1 athlete is just a sophomore is down right scary to see what he does in the years to come. His command in the pocket resembles that of Bishop Gorman’s Tate Martell during his sophomore year. There is no doubt that Samson will be sought out by top colleges as he is turning heads in only his second year of high school.

Look for Samson making huge waves in the upcoming years as he is sure to put defenders on their backs. Take a look at how he is doing just that in this highlight clip.

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