Jay Cutler named fourth-most criticized QB of all-time

SHARE Jay Cutler named fourth-most criticized QB of all-time
SHARE Jay Cutler named fourth-most criticized QB of all-time

Complex Magazine published a list of the 25 most criticized quarterbacks in NFL history Tuesday, and Bears QB Jay Cutler clocked in fourth.

He was the second-highest active quarterback on the list, trailing No. 1 Tony Romo. JaMarcus Russell and Ryan Leaf came in at second and third, respectively.

Here’s what the magazine wrote about Cutler:

Even though we’re sure that, deep down, Cutler really cares about his team and the sport of football, he has a hard time showing it. Whether he’s throwing touchdown passes or getting sacked and fumbling the ball away, Cutler always has the same nonchalant look on his face. It doesn’t look good when he’s playing poorly and, unfortunately for him, he’s played poorly a lot in recent years. He’s a guy who has all the talent in the world and seems to have what it takes to win a Super Bowl. But as of right now, a Super Bowl seems like a pipe dream for him, so people have been very critical of what he brings to the Bears and why they should seriously consider getting rid of him.

Earlier this year, former NFL quarterback Donovan McNabb called Jay Cutler the “Tony Romo of the Midwest,” which seems particularly apt given their placement on the list.

Former Bear Jim McMahon was also included on the list at No. 22.

Here’s what Complex had to say about McMahon:

From his flamboyant headbands to his brash behavior on the sidelines to his love for nightlife, McMahon was certainly an interesting character during his days in the NFL. But the way that he acted rubbed a lot of people the wrong way. And he didn’t really seem to care that people didn’t approve of the way he acted, either, which made him that much more unlikable to a lot of NFL players, analysts, reporters, and fans. The one thing about Jim McMahon, which was his curse and also maybe the one thing that made him tolerable was, as obnoxious as he was, he was unrepentant, reporter Rick Telander once said about McMahon during an ESPN Classic SportsCentury interview. He knows he’s a jerk and he doesn’t care that you know he’s a jerk and he’s not going to say, ‘Whoops, I made a mistake.’ Basically, McMahon gave no fux. And while that was great for the teams he played for, he caught a ton of criticism for it and probably didn’t always get the respect he deserved because of it.

Check out the entire list here.

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