Sarah Palin piles on against Democrats

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Sarah Palin, who is anything but impressed with the day Republicans had on Tuesday and let everyone know it on Facebook, also took to the airwaves on Wednesday to warn Americans about President Barack Obama.

While on Fox Business Network, Palin said with the incoming Republican Congress, Obama is “going to go balls to the wall opposite of what the American people want as he’s done for six years.”

“He will continue with his amnesty push that Americans don’t want,” Palin said. “He will continue to fight any kind of amendment to that failed mandate called Obamacare, unfunded mandate that is the mother of all unfunded mandates. He will continue down this road, not allowing, say, the corporate tax rate to be reduced, not allowing for so many things that just make good common sense for our economy. No, he’s going to go the opposite direction.”

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But back to that Facebook post, which was littered with exclamation marks, question marks and all caps like only she can.

“Tonight is a big victory for We the People!” Palin said. “…. establishment types, remember that you didn’t build this!”

Her message?

“Now, new Republican Congressional majority in the House and Senate, please realize that Americans were not necessarily voting FOR any party; they were voting AGAINST the continued dysfunction and corruption in D.C.” Palin wrote. “We the People were saying, “enough is enough” to the scandals, crony capitalism, and utter lack of leadership in Washington.”

She continues:

“The Democrats got mauled today, deservedly so. To prohibit that from happening to the GOP in 2016, it must learn the lesson from the last time Republicans held the Senate majority.”

And she doesn’t want people to go ahead and pat themselves on the back:

“So, establishment types, remember that you didn’t build this! This majority that swept you into power tonight is thanks to the rank and file commonsense conservative grassroots. That’s who built it. And they expect results. They deserve the best for America.”

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