Amani Toomer: ‘Jay Cutler gets coaches fired’

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Former NFL wide receiver and NBC Sports analyst Amani Toomer added a new chapter to the book on Jay Cutler bashing Wednesday.

Toomer told WGWG-FM’s “Kap & Haugh” show that Cutler is a guy that “gets coaches fired.”

Former Bears coach Lovie Smith was fired after the 2012 season, and current coach Marc Trestman may get the same treatment if the team can’t turn around this horrid season.

“Jay Cutler, to me, is a guy that gets coaches fired,” Toomer said. “He’s what happens when you have talent and you’re just enamored with that talent.

“You don’t have to lead everybody, but you have to have people trust in you. And it just seems like Jay Cutler is one of those guys who has the ability, but he just hasn’t put it together. Usually if a guy hasn’t put it together by now it tells you a little something about him.

“I remember playing against Jeff George. I compare Jay Cutler to Jeff George. Unbelievable. You watch him throw the football, you want to give Jeff George a gold jacket right there and send him to the Hall of Fame in Canton, Ohio. But there’s something lost in translation with the amount of athletic ability to throw the football and the ability play the game.Those two things are not the same.

“In this situation, you look at the guy and say ‘Why isn’t he great? Why hasn’t he taken the team to multiple championships?’ Then you watch him play and you say ‘Oh, OK, he makes those types of mistakes. Oh, OK he takes these risks. Oh, OK, this guy is not the quarterback that his talent should allow him to be.’”

Former Ravens coach Brian Billick was the first, I believe, to compare Jay Cutler to Jeff George. It’s a comparison that has been used a few times since.

Listen to the full Toomer interview here.

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