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Face tattoo guy’s enthusiasm for a Mitt Romney presidential run fades

You’d think with all of the talk of Mitt Romney considering another presidential run in 2016, that would be good news for Eric Hartsburg, the Indiana man who still has Romney’s 2012 campaign logo tattooed on his face.

But it’s not.

When asked by Buzzfeed about another Romney run, Hartsburg initially said “maybe there is something in it for me.”

Like some others, Hartsburg quickly realized a 2016 doesn’t make much sense.

“He’s going to say something later on to mess it up,” he said. “You are waiting for him to shoot himself in the foot. It’s going to look real good and then — bam something else — he screws it up.”

Hartsburg was paid $15,000 to get the logo put on his face and after Romney’s 2012 loss, had multiple laser treatments to remove the tattoo.

But it’s still there, just like Romney’s White House aspirations.