State of the Union address, told through 10 GIFs

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Sure, you could have watched President Barack Obama give his annual State of the Union address.

Or you could read the text of his speech. Or a story recapping it.

But really, it’s more fun just to watch 10 GIFs.

It took a while for everyone to get in:


There was about four minutes of clapping while Obama made his way to the front:


Obama was really impressed with his good news about the economy:


For the most part, Vice President Joe Biden kept his composure:


Unlike last year:


But he did blow his wife, Jill, a kiss:


When it came to fair pay for women, Biden stood up and applauded. House Speaker John Boehner didn’t:


Astronaut Scott Kelly was saluted. And Obama made sure Kelly knew he needs to be Instagramming from space:


It was no surprise that some people disagree with closing Gitmo:


By now, it’s no secret that Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Florida, disagrees with the shift on Cuba:


And that freed prisoner Alan Gross disagrees with Rubio:


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Anyone who wants to try a cold-water therapy should ease into it, and persons with heart conditions, poor circulation and certain other health issues should avoid it.
Kiptum, the world marathon record holder, died in a car crash earlier this month.