Listen to Friends of the Park, not the pols

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Friends of the Parks is opposed to Chicago using park land for an Obama Presidential Library.

Friends of the Parks has much more credibility and integrity than any Chicago or Cook County politician when it comes to conservation stewardship. The organization is acutely aware that Chicago, and nearby areas are becoming concrete jungles. Their mission is to safeguard pastoral parks and pristine lands that are waning havens for trees, plants, flowers, birds and a vast array of wildlife species that are being displaced and traumatized by recklessly gratuitous urban development.

Brien Comerford, Glenview


Take torturers’ pensions away

In an editorial, the Sun-Times this week opined that people who spent years in prison wrongly after being tortured by former Chicago Police Commander Jon Burge and his “Midnight Crew” should be given financial compensation. A good place to start would be to divert money from the pensions of these criminal cops to their victims. It is insane that they still qualify for pensions, given the gravity of their crimes. This travesty adds insult to injury.

Rev. Gary Bjorklund, Justice

Disney execs rake it in while Disney workers get zilch

The Sun-Times reported that Disney Chairman and CEO Robert Iger’s compensation for 2014 was $43.7 million.  He received a $22.8 million bonus because of a blockbuster year. That is insane. Did any of the employees of their theme parks receive a bonus? These people make minimum wage or not much more. They work hard. They are the reason that company had a “blockbuster” year. Can you imagine what even a small bonus would have meant to them? I am so sick of reading about the earnings of all the CEOs, sport players, movie stars, etc. No one person should make that kind of money. If it were not for the little guys making minimum wage, they wouldn’t be where they are. How about sharing the wealth with the people who put you there?

Cathy Karwowski, Chicago

Only fear keeps us from closing Guantanamo

Our representatives in Washington, both the House and the Senate, search for financial support from the alcohol, drug, tobacco and gun industries that kill more people in the United States than are killed in most wars. Yet, they are afraid to transfer a few prisoners from the Guantanamo Bay detention center, 90 miles off the Florida Keys. These prisoners could be transferred to a high-security prison in Illinois and the United States could close Guantanamo permanently. I personally do not fear or see a reason not to transfer the prisoners.

David Morris,  Tinley Park

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