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Suit: Man attacked by police officers and dog during traffic stop

A man who was attacked by two police officers and a police K9 unit in Boone County has filed a federal lawsuit against the officers and the city.

On Jan. 24, 2014, Junior V. Hinrichs was driving to get lunch when he was stopped by two Belvidere police officers for speeding in the 500 block of Chrysler Drive, according to the lawsuit.

During the stop, the department’s dog, Ralphy, entered the vehicle from the passenger-side door and bit Hinrichs’ right arm, causing him to bleed, the suit said.

Hinrichs then exited his vehicle through the driver’s side door but was slammed to the ground by one of the officers, the suit said. The same officer then smashed Hinrichs’ head against the hood of his own car, causing his head to bleed, according to the suit.

Police did not recover any illegal materials during a search of Hinrichs’ vehicle, the suit said.

The two-count suit claims excessive force and seeks unspecified damages.

Belvidere is located just east of Rockford, about 30 miles northwest of Elgin. Calls made to the Belvidere Police Department and the city were not immediately returned.