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‘Brady Bunch’ star Barry Williams battles daughter’s mom

Another celebrity relationship has deteriorated into an ugly custody fight. Barry Williams, best known from his youthful role on the “Brady Bunch” TV sitcom classic, is at war with ex-girlfriend Elizabeth Kennedy. In court documents first optained by RadarOnline, Kennedy claims she was Williams’ “spousal equivalent” for the years 2006-13. She is demanding monthly child support of $3,423, which she insists is reasonable given Williams’ net worth — which she says is at least $13 million.

In his own court documents, Williams claims his net worth is less than a quarter of Kennedy’s estimation and charges that her own drug use and cigarette smoking contributed to the premature birth of their daughter Samantha, who is now 2 years old. The little girl has suffered health problems since birth and has been in and out of the hospital numerous times.

As for Kennedy, she is demanding full custody, insists she has basically been raising Samantha solo, and only wants Williams to have supervised visits with the child, claiming he “is often too preoccupied with other distractions to be able to give … the appropriate attention and care she needs.”

Williams, not suprisingly, has a different interpretation of the situation. His filing calls Kennedy “nothing more than a sexual companion, who I treated very well,” noting he paid $23,000 for her to have her previously neglected teeth repaired. Williams also claims in his filing that Kennedy became pregnant after he refused to marry her.

A hearing on the case is scheduled for Aug. 14 in Orange County (Calif.) Superior Court.