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Cubs players congratulate Joe Maddon after winning Manager of the Year

The Cubs were an unquestionably close team over the last season. Not only was that evident on the field, but the young team would regularly post pictures and videos of players hanging out together. So it was no surprise when many of the players took to social media to congratulate their manager.

Tuesday night, Joe Maddon was named the Manager of the Year by the Baseball Writers Association of America. Players young and old took some time to reach out and thank Maddon for helping them to their 97 win season.

Anthony Rizzo

David Ross

Jason Motte

Dexter Fowler

Kris Bryant

Even a few well known Cubs fans took a second to congratulate Maddon on winning his third Manager of the Year award.

Lance Briggs

Donovan McNabb

CM Punk

Maddon’s award was only the most recent in an impressive haul brought in by the Cubs already this offseason. Kris Bryant won the Rookie of the Year award Monday night, as well as just about every other rookie award, and Anthony Rizzo was given the Heart and Hustle Award.

The Cubs could complete the trifecta Wednesday night as Jake Arrieta finds out if he has won the NL Cy Young.