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Remember when Derrick Rose posterized Goran Dragic?

When the Bulls take on the Suns tonight in Phoenix, Derrick Rose likely won’t be in the lineup, and neither will Goran Dragic, who was traded to Miami last season.

Dragic probably wished we wasn’t in the lineup on Jan. 22, 2010, when he was on the wrong end of this monster dunk by Rose.

Turn on your volume to get the full effect:

Rose was in the midst of his second NBA season at the time, and was flourishing into one of the league’s best young stars.

Three knee surgeries later, Rose will watch from the bench tonight as he nurses a sprained ankle. But he recently recalled the dunk in an interview with ESPN.

“I just remember [Dragic] just jumping,” Rose said, via ESPN. “That was about it. Jumping, and I was trying to do anything not to fall. Because I knew being up so high if something was to hit me in the wrong direction, then if you get hit wrong it could be a real serious injury with both of [us] in the air, so I was just trying to do anything not to get sideswiped out of the air.”

Chicago will go for its fourth-consecutive win at 9:30 p.m.