Letters: Gov. Rauner getting it wrong on Syrian refugees

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Gov. Bruce Rauner should be ashamed. Closing our borders to Syrian refugees is exactly the wrong act. Obviously, vetting refugees is important to separate out ISIS sympathizers. But we need to welcome others fleeing the terrible calamity in Syria and be a beacon of freedom to the world. This contrast with the barbaric ways of ISIS is one key to our victory over terrorists. Finally, we need to acknowledge the wonderful service provided to Illinois by past Syrian immigrants and welcome their families, friends, and former neighbors who are now fleeing.

Mark and Nikki Shields, Old Town

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Ruthlessness needed in war against Islamic terrorists

No matter how many times President Barack Obama tells us he has “contained” ISIS, we know that this is as true as his claim that “You can keep your doctor.” Obama has got to understand that the war against radical Islam is a war that the Western world simply cannot afford to lose. His half-hearted efforts have been grossly ineffective. We need a man who is unflinching, sly and ruthless to lead the war against radical Islam. We need Vladimir Putin.

Lee J. Regner, Park Ridge

What did we do to you?

As a civilian I haven’t a clue as to what it is that ISIS is after. The one thing that seems to be apparent is that they only want to kill people. However, their followers also must die in order to accomplish their goal. ISIS, you’re fighting the whole world and for what? What did we do to you? I can’t begin to understand your plight in life, but whatever it is, you are pretty miserable if you can’t see the beauty of living.

Edwina Jackson, Longwood Manor

Uniting against terrorism

Terrorists are really stupid. They hide behind masks like cowards. When they attack people they make them even stronger. I never saw as many American flags as when 9/11 happened. I saw flags on homes, pick-up trucks, bridges. So the exact opposite happened. People united AGAINST them. Now they attacked France, and I hope the whole world now unites against them.

Connie Orland, Joliet

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