Thursday Letters: Blame Saudi Arabia for funding extremists

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Instead of blaming President Barack Obama, which Republicans constantly do, why not ask our “ally,” Saudi Arabia, to stop funding extremism in mosques and use their huge wealth to fund a military effort in Syria to defeat ISIS?

Instead of selling oil and spending the profits to finance radical Muslims, they should invest in going after the fanatics. We shouldn’t repeat the mistakes in Iraq that helped create ISIS. Despite GOP fear-mongering, we should avoid another ground war in the Middle East.

Tom Minnerick, Elgin

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Let’s be the home of the brave

We will remain the home of the free only if we remain the home of the brave. In spite of all their bluster and sabre-rattling, Republicans are cowards.

Michael Shepherd, Bellwood

A touching testimony

“She looked beautiful,” a Nov. 1 Sun-Times obituary of Cindy Morales, helped to balance out the miserable, violent, cheating news that has become increasingly ubiquitous. It was as touching a testimony to the splendid potential of the human spirit that one can imagine. There is much for everyone to learn from that poignant article. I am grateful to have read it, and will pass it on to many others.

Life is ephemeral, so waste little of it.

Leon J. Hoffman, Lake View

Still controversial

Over 60 years ago, immigration was also controversial. A standup comedian was on the “Ed Sullivan Show” — I was a boy then — but I still remember this very funny line: “Everyone in America is for immigration … until they get here!”

Bob Anichini, Edgebrook

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