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Mike Ditka will not wear a Bears or Packers sweater for Thanksgiving game

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The Bears-Packers rivalry has always been special to Mike Ditka.

Starting in the ’60s as a player, through the ’80s as a coach and into today as a two-timing, sweater-wearing, controversy-causing quintessential ad man, nothing gets him more excited than the Packers.

You might have heard about Da Coach putting Da Curse on the Packers by wearing their sweater in a McDonald’s commercial. Some Bears fans took the whole thing too literally.

The latest spot has Ditka switching back to his beloved Bears sweater.

It all begs the question: What will the coach wear for the 190th meeting of the Bears and Packers, which he’ll be watching from his home in Florida on Thanksgiving Day?

“If people don’t understand that I’m a Bears fan, it’s not even worth talking about,” Ditka said. “I’m loyal to the Bears. Now, to say I didn’t have a lot of respect for the Packers’ organization, that would be a lie, too. I’m a Bears fans, guys. If people don’t know that, I don’t give a darn. You know, I’m too old to worry that stuff.”

But coach, what sweater will you wear?

“I will have no sweater on! I’ll have a golf shirt on.”

With a Bears logo, we’re sure.

Mike Ditka on which sweater he’ll wear for Bears-Packers

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